The Story of Hotel Royal

The Hotel Royal is an ancient Venetian Palace built in 1700 by Duke De Zanna, noble citizen which was resident in Castle De Zanna, right next to the Olympic Stadium.

In 1840 the property passed to the Menardi Demai family, who used it as resident house until 1920 and opened the club “Cristallino” on the Ground floor. The club had great success in the period between the wars, but was lately closed due to fascist doings.

In the early 50’s the property was restored and enlarged by the Menardi Demai family, who turned it into a hotel in occasion of the Winter Olympic Games, which took place in Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1956. Since then, the hotel was internally renovated and improved several times, but always conserving its external appearance.

Today, the building is still recognized by the “Association of architectural Heritage of Venice” as structure with high architectural value.
Since then the Hotel Royal has always been managed by the Menardi Demai family, which has now reached the third generation.